Posted by Dennis on May 12, 2009
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     Hello again, this is Dennis with a quick update to let you know what’s up. Right now I’m in Tuxtepec again. I needed the internet to send off documents and make an appointment with the United States Embassy in Mexico City to get a CRBA (Consular Report of a Birth Abroad) for my little girl. We got the appointment made for June 3, so we’re heading back to the island tomorrow and we’ll stay there this time until it’s time to go to Mexico City.

     While we were here having a baby last time, Eduardo & Andrew found a good sized house on top of the mountain to use as a church. They started renting it for 500 pesos a month and we’re using that for our church services now. Saturday Roger, Joel and Pastor Sandy (a friend of Roger’s) came with a huge tent. On Sunday morning they all went up the mountain to visit the Carbajal family and to have the first church service in the new building. Elda & I stayed down below and made pollo asado (barbequed chicken). When they all got back we set up the tent over the structure. It’s gonna serve as a roof for the students since we were unable to come up with the money for a thatch roof. We don’t have lot of pictures, but I put up a small set of what we do have. It’s basically a few pics of the inside of our cabin, 3 pics of the church service (there’s something wrong with Andrew’s camera, so those 3 aren’t real good), and us cooking and putting up the tent. The students come tomorrow and I plan on being there for a while this time so next time we should have a bunch of pictures of the students participating in our ministry here. 

     I’m posting the needs list again. It remains virtually the same. If someone felt led to help with church rental, it’s about 40-50 American dollars per month. Thanks for everything and God bless. We’ll try to get some more stuff up here in a week or two.
01. The most urgent need right now is to get a thatch roof up on the new structure before the students get back here in mid-April. It will take Maximo and his sons 2-3 weeks from start to finish and cost about 2000 dollars.
02. We’re looking at a property on the mainland in the town of Pescadito. There is already a partially built structure there. This would serve as a staging area to launch boats from and provide a place to park vans and boat trailers when we’re on the island. There is also an open door for ministry there and a small community of Christians there with no church. We have been visiting them when we’ve been able and this property could also serve as a church and enable us to work with these people more often. The property is going for 100,000 Pesos. At the current exchange rate that’s only about 8000 dollars.
03. Boats. The boat that we had was a small fishing boat and could only transport 8 people. With the students on the island plus ourselves and school staff there will be 20 of us in April & May. Add to that the fact that our ministry is expanding to other islands faster than we can keep up with it. By next summer we could easily be having services on more than one island at the same time. This means we need more boats. We can buy a boat down here that can carry 15 people for about 5000 dollars. They may be a lot cheaper in the states in the winter time where things like that are more seasonal. Down here it’s summer all the time and boats are like gold here.
04. A second bathroom. With 20 people here at once the bathroom is gonna be packed all the time. We can put up another bathroom with a concrete floor for 1000 dollars.
05. Sound System. A speaker system for services with several people to enable everyone to be able to here the message. Also for praise & worship. A 250 amp Fender Passport system runs for about 1000 dollars. I’ve found them on ebay and amazon for 450 dollars.
06. Projector. We’ve been wanting to eventually start having a movie night where we show a different Christian movie every week. We’ve done this before in other areas of Dayspring’s ministry with very positive results. A projector costs about 600 dollars and would be used in conjunction with the aforementioned sound system.
07. Keyboard. We’ve got no real worship team at this time on the island. Eduardo plays keyboard and can lead worship very well himself. He has an old one that doesn’t work very well, but he’s looking for a new one. I don’t know what they cost, but I’ll ask him what he’s looking for and we’ll post it here next time.
08. Bibles. We need bibles badly. Reina Valera version in Spanish. Whole bibles with old & new testament. We need as many as we can get. There are lots of people down here that need one.
09. Computers. We could use a couple computers. Right now my laptop is all we have. Andrew & Lalo both use it to write sermons. Lalo also is organizing worship songs on the computer a lot. Also for storing the photos that everyone takes. We hope to eventually have internet here and maybe a cyber café (a place where the local youth can come and use internet). This would be very helpful in starting a youth group ministry here. Right now a couple hand-me-down laptops for Lalo & Andrew would be good and several desktops for a cyber café next year.
10. Appliances. We could use any kitchen appliances that still work. Refridgerator, Microwave, toaster, etc.

Dios les bendiga

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